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University First Credit Union

See how University First Credit Union went from manually monitoring folders for copies of images to implementing MVi’s Receipt Capture System. In addition to giving members the ability to digitally sign and access receipts, this technology has enabled tellers to see receipts on screen, track cash in/out using a built-in cash matrix, and add customizable messages to members’ receipts.

North Shore FCU Stops the ‘Paper Chase’

Learn how North Shore Federal Credit Union got away from the proverbial paper chase to save time, money, and space with Enterprise Content Management. In addition to improved workflows, the technology has added new quality-of-life features for members and employees, including remote deposit, check scanning, and electronic billing.

How to Make a Successful Digital Transformation Happen in Your Credit Union

Learn the five stages of a successful digital transformation and the keys to a selecting the right ECM provider. See how First Entertainment Credit Union, in Hollywood, Calif., identified the right platform and the right partner to implement a new ECM system.