Receipt Capture System

With MVi’s Receipt Capture System (RCS), you can digitally capture receipts, signatures, deposited checks, IDs, deposit slips, and more directly from your core data processing system. RCS is compatible with most core data processing systems, and works across LAN and WAN environments, so you can reduce paper transaction costs and facilitate searches for archived receipts.

  • Send touchless receipts to customers via text message, allowing them to acknowledge and sign for cashback transactions.
  • Auto index-captured and access receipts by account number, teller ID, and date.
  • Automatically generate emailed and printed receipts, or select “no receipt” at the time of transaction.
  • Improve customer verification with touchless receipts for call centers, drive-throughs, or in-branch transactions.
  • Add additional documents to the receipt, such as loan coupons, deposit slips, photo IDs, or other notes.
  • Reduce fraudulent transactions and improve security with eSignatures, biometric fingerprint, and photo ID capture.
  • Improve the customer experience by reducing paper printing and speeding up time at the teller line.

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