Automated Document Capture

Digitally capture and sign documents.

Many important processes within your organization involve documents of one type or another, and the resulting paperwork can feel like a waste of time, space, and money. Now, turning those paper documents into digital documents is as simple as hitting print on your computer and selecting the MVi DCS print driver.

Our Document Capture System (DCS) is an easy-to-use program that lets you print your documents to an electronic file, digitally add signatures or other required annotations, then store them in the secure Laserfiche data repository. Document Capture System from MVi offers your organization a number of important benefits:

  • Print any Windows or Unix PCL documents, such as signature cards, loan documents, or any other documents directly to the repository.
  • Easily apply digital signatures to any document in the repository.
  • Create document layouts that can be formatted so that the same entry fields can be used over again.
  • Quickly print or email signed copies of customer documents.
  • Reduce paper transaction costs, improve operational productivity and document accuracy.
  • Enable remote signing capability between branches.
  • Get instant access to stored documents by account number or document type.

Discover how automated document capture can save your organization time, space, and money.

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