Check 21

Manage all aspects of checks with integrated check capture products.

Today, the world moves at a rapid pace, driven by digital transactions and virtual processes. But, for credit unions and banks, paper checks are still a core part of doing business. To stay competitive and relevant, your institution needs to leverage technologies that bring checks into the 21st century.

Millennial Vision’s Check 21 programs offer powerful capture capabilities and seamless integration with the Laserfiche Document Management System.

  • Scan checks at the time of transaction with teller Check 21 or batch scan at end-of-day with Branch Capture, where you have the opportunity to re-key correct information and ensure proper processing for submission to the clearinghouse.
  • Create images of checks that can be stored in your imaging system along with index files and MICR and check amount information.
  • Generate teller reports to compare checks received against teller drawer totals.
  • Automatic creation and transmission of the Image Cash Letter (ICL) file to the Federal Reserve or designated clearinghouse for processing.
  • Reduce courier costs, float times, and fraud claims, while improving check lookup.
  • Improve the customer experience with faster access to funds, better security, quicker inquiry capabilities, and less time waiting in the teller line.

Check 21 empowers your institution with features like:

  • Check 21 Branch Capture: Scan checks into a daily branch batch or combine into a single cash letter file that can be submitted to a clearinghouse, which also provides complete teller balancing reports.
  • Check 21 Teller Capture: Scan checks at the time of deposit to be added to a daily batch. Integrates with MVi’s Receipt Capture System to attach deposit items, generate receipts with signatures, and create individual teller balancing report. This process saves time at EOD by allowing check and deposit slips to be added, making research quicker and easier.
  • Check 21 Merchant Capture: Give business customers the ability to scan and deposit checks remotely, via secure transmission.
  • Check 21 File Import: Import received and cleared checks into the Laserfiche repository.
  • Check 21 Receive: Produce files that update imaging repository and account balances against the core transaction processing system.
  • Check 21 Return: Submit NSF items back to the clearinghouse and the institution of first deposit.
  • Check 21 IRD Reprint: Print an Image Replacement Document (a legal copy of the original) to be returned to the original depositor once final NSF status has been completed.
  • Check 21 Advanced Fraud Early Warning System Integration: Check for fraud in real time through MVi’s Check 21 programs (requires Advanced Fraud (AFS) subscription).

Find out how Check 21 can keep your credit union or bank competitive.

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