Document Capture System & eSignatures

With MVi’s Document Capture System (DCS), you can digitally capture documents, add signatures and other annotations, and automatically store files in a secure data repository to improve customer convenience and save time and space.

The eSignatures feature lets you capture digital signatures on loan documents, receipts, deposit slips, and more with electronic signature pads or via remote signature integrations with DocuSign or MVi’s eDCS program.

  • Set up documents for multiple signers in an email workflow process.
  • Easily move signed eDocuments via workflow rules for a QA review.
  • Print any Windows or Unix PCL documents, such as signature cards, loan documents, or any other documents directly to the repository.
  • Easily apply digital signatures to any document in the repository.
  • Place signature boxes throughout a document with the click of a mouse.
  • Save documents with embedded customer signatures directly into the imaging repository.
  • Create document layouts that can be formatted and saved so that the same entry fields can be used over again.
  • Quickly print or email signed copies of customer documents.
  • Reduce paper transaction costs and improve operational productivity and document accuracy.
  • Enable remote signing capability between branches.
  • Get instant access to stored documents by account number or document type.

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